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Because an author works alone, it is always wonderful to meet young readers.  My objective for my presentation is to excite children about reading and writing as well as animals and the world.  My slide presentation includes photos of many animals as well as maps to show where they live.  I also use large measuring tapes to visually illustrate just how big the animals are such as the Komodo dragon and the Great White shark.  But how big is an African elephant’s poop always gets the most laughs or exclamations of "ewww, gross!"  I also explain how to use facts in fiction stories to really make them come alive.  By the end of my presentation, children are excited to read and often want to become an author too.
 Feedback to my school visits:

"Not long after your visit, I saw a lot of art work and writing activities on display that was related to your books, the animals you talked about, and even some map work.  Several teachers asked me if you could come back to Harding.  They appreciated that there was so much educational content in your presentation."
Candy Dardarian, volunteer, Harding Grade School

“The students had a great time in the presentation.  You really held their interest with all of your fun stories and interesting, sometimes gross, facts.”  Miss Czarnowski, teacher, Eastwood School

“Your session was one of my favorites.  I love animals more than anything in the world.  I really hope you come next year.”  Rebecka, 4th grader

“Your presentation was outstanding!  The children were definitely intrigued by the subject matter presented.”  L. Durham, teacher, International Elementary School

“Thank you for showing us the animal pictures.  My favorite was the polar bear and elephant.  I like how you showed us the size of elephant poop.  I cannot wait to check out your books.  I want to be like you.  You are my hero!" Marlene, 2nd grader

“I think your presentation was very educational and I’m sure that all of the students enjoyed it as much as I did.  I also really enjoyed the fact that you showed us exactly where everything was on the map and you had a great slideshow.”  Robert, 8th grader
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